Waxing for Women at The You Clinic

At The YOU Clinic, we use Lycon Hot Wax and Lycon Strip Wax. Without doubt the best waxing product available, it is made using the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils.

Like a ‘traditional’ warm wax, Lycon Strip Wax is applied with a spatula and removed with fabric strips. Lycon Hot Wax ‘shrink-wraps’ around hair and cools so it can be removed on its own. It can remove hairs as short as 1mm and can be reapplied without causing any skin trauma or irritation. Most clients find it virtually painless, making it ideal for sensitive and intimate areas.

Area Waxing Price
Upper lip £12.50
Chin £12.50
Sides of Face £12.50
Upper Lip & Chin £24.00
Full Face (excludes eyebrows) £32.50
Forearm £27.50
Full Arms £40.00
Under Arm £25.00
Bikini £32.50
Extremely Extended Bikini £42.50
Brazilian or Hollywood £55.00
Half Leg £32.50
Three quarter leg £37.50
Full Leg £42.50
Under Arm & Bikini £50.00
Half leg, Bikini & Under Arm £75.00
Half Leg, Brazilian & Underarm £90.00
Full leg & Bikini £70.00
Full leg, Brazilian £85.00
Full leg, Bikini & Under Arm £85.00
Full Leg, Brazilian & Under Arm £95.00