Rosacea / Redness / Reactive at The You Clinic

We offer two very different laser options for redness & rosacea. We would suggest treating any underlying redness first with Laser Skin Rejuvenation followed by Byonik PTL treatments for its anti-inflammatory properties, volumising & restoring skin health properties, which remarkably alleviate stressed, flushed, irritated skin.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation for redness suitable if you have fair to medium-toned skin. No skin preparation needed prior to treatment, these lasers will target and reduce facial thread veins & diffused redness, including the underlying redness & inflammation associated with Rosacea breakouts. There can be some downtime post-treatment 1-4 days, whereby mild swelling can occur, depending on the extent of the treatment required. No sun exposure allowed 30 days either side of treatments. Multiple treatments may be required at 4 weekly intervals. A consultation and patch test must be arranged prior to treatment.

Byonik PTL Facial

Byonik PTL Facial suitable for all skin types and colours. This world-first, pulse triggered laser (PTL) heals, repairs, hydrates, calms, soothes, strengthens, volumises and reconditions our skin functions and restore health. Creating a much happier skin barrier that is less reactive and prone to redness over time.

Contact us for more flushed skin & redness treatment information

Contact us for more flushed skin & redness treatment information

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