Tanning at The You Clinic

At The YOU Clinic we only use St Tropez self-tanning spray. It offers the best, most natural-looking tan whatever your skin tone with lasting, streak-free results.

Tanning treatments at The You Clinic

St Tropez Classic Bronze

Developed with aloe vera to nourish and hydrate skin. Avoid showering for eight hours to allow the colour to develop fully. Lasts five to seven days.

30 mins £37.50

St Tropez Express

This fast-acting tan allows you to choose the depth of colour you want. For a light, sun-kissed glow, shower after one hour. For a golden tan, leave on for two hours. For a deep, dark bronze, leave on for three-four hours maximum. After showering, the tan will continue to develop to your chosen shade. Lasts five to seven days.

30 mins £37.50

Before your appointment

Exfoliate your entire body (we recommend St Tropez Body Polish) and wax/shave 24 hours before appointment. Do not apply body lotion, body oils, deodorant or perfume on the day of your appointment. Wear loose, dark clothing – and bring an umbrella if it’s raining!


Avoid any activity that may cause perspiration until you have showered. The bronze ‘guide colour’ can be left on overnight before showering, although it may transfer onto bed linen. It will wash out of cotton, but not so easily from manmade fibres or wool. After showering, pat skin dry rather than rubbing and apply moisturiser (we recommend St Tropez Moisturiser). Exfoliate every two-three days (we recommend St Tropez Body Polish) to ensure even fading. Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan. St Tropez self-tans do not contain SPF sunscreen and will not protect against sun damage.